Short, Sweet, & To the point. Just like Rachel. 

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But if you really want the longer version...

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Rachel MacKnight is not your typical native Texan. A rare blue in a state of red, she advocates for political and feministic advances, makes a mean rum-chata cupcake from scratch, and doesn’t believe in waiting for opportunities to come knocking; she’ll find them and kick the door in herself. 

She is goofy enough to dance to Beyonce in a toddler’s Simba costume, quick enough to cut you with her wit and even sharper tongue, and smart enough to have worked with dinosaurs. Well, technically the purple one named Barney.

She's been told consistently that she is a beautiful woman who is not afraid to be ugly. She's also a phenomenal kisser. As you can see shown above. When not performing, Rachel likes tacos, cats, and watching Jeremy Jordan videos on Youtube.